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The Power of Outdoor

Why Outdoor?

In a world of increased audience fragmentation, outdoor remains uniquely able to reach consumers on the go. Outdoor reaches consumers when they need it most: as they are in the marketplace, at the point of purchase. Outdoor finishes what other media simply start. So…why outdoor? Consider these facts:
  • Largest reach media--due primarily to segmentation of television and radio.
    • In the 1960’s, an advertiser could reach 80% of U.S. women with a spot aired simultaneously on the three national TV networks. Today a TV ad would have to run on 100 channels to duplicate that feat. Forrester Research
    • 1 in 3 people do not read the newspaper.
    • With rapidly advancing technologies including DVRs, TIVO, iPods, satellite radio and more, consumers have more tools than ever to avoid advertising messages.

  • We are a mobile society--in our cars, an average of 81 minutes per day.
    • Reach your audience where they “live.”
    • 78% of us drive ourselves to work.

  • Delivers an upscale audience--Better educated, upwardly mobile professionals with higher incomes.
    • Research indicates a correlation between drive time and income levels.

  • Reaches more women--the prime decision makers in the family.
    • 60% of the women in the U.S. are in the workforce and driving to work.
    • 40% of the women are family “chauffeurs” and on the road as well.

  • Unavoidable mass medium--cannot be turned off or thrown away.
    • Outdoor is the only true mass medium left and continues to gain exposure time with consumers as road travel increases.

  • Cost effective--low CPMs, low-cost production, high audience delivery.
    • Outdoor costs 80% less than television, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio advertisements.

  • Excellent targeting ability
    • Economic
    • Ethnic
    • Special Interest

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